When Do You Need to Get an Electrical Inspection

When Do You Need to Get an Electrical Inspection?

During the process of selling a home, conducting electrical inspections is frequently required.

This is because many homeowners do not know what they need to do or how often it needs to be inspected, and an inspection will catch any issues that could make a home unsafe.

The inspection conducted by a professional electrical contractor can also help you find out if the breaker box in your basement is coming up on its expiration date, which means that it might be time for a new one!

Electrical Inspections are Needed For Old Houses

An electrical inspection is severely needed if your house has been standing for many years.

Old houses tend to have outdated wiring and older electrical appliances that just don’t have the safety you need in a modern home.

If you have outdated wiring and electrical appliances, you might risk yourself and those around you from potential fire caused by old wiring.

Older electrical appliances can also cause high utility bills and have the potential to break down at any time, which means that you’ll need a repair person out there who will charge more for their services.

The inspector will check your electrical panels, switches, and outlets for any safety hazards or problems that might arise from the age of the wiring in your home.

Get an Electrical Inspection When Buying a House

Are you planning to purchase a new house? Before you pack all your things and giddy-up to your new location, you need to make sure that your new home is safe.

It’s not enough to check the plumbing and heating; you also need to make sure that your house has a certified electrical inspector who will ensure there are no faulty wiring or electric appliances in your new abode.

If you fail to do so, you might end up purchasing a property with faulty wiring and electrical issues. This might be dangerous for you, your family, guests, or even the inspector who is hired to do a safety inspection on the house before purchase if they are not properly trained.

Electrical Inspections are a Must After a Storm

Experiencing a bad storm not only affects your house, but it can also cause damage to your wiring system. Surprising as it may seem, storms can cause power outages and surges which can result in property damage.

So, if you live in an area prone to bad storms, it’s important that your house is inspected by a professional electrical inspector before and after a storm, so you can easily identify and fix any issues.

You can hire an electrical inspector from your area or a professional electrician to conduct the inspection on your house after storms, so you’ll know for sure that your home is safe, sound, and in good working order before the storm sets out.

Electrical Inspections Must Be Done Regularly

Regardless of what happens, regular inspections are a must. This is because the condition of your wiring system can change over time, and it’s difficult to predict when there will be a problem, not to mention how severe that issue may be.

Inspections should happen at least once every two years or even more depending on what electrical appliances you have in your home (i.e., air conditioners, heating systems, ovens).

There may also be a need for more frequent inspection depending on where you live and how old your wiring is. For example, many older homes typically require inspections every year because they have outdated wiring that’s much more likely to cause problems than newer home installations.

It’s always wise to conduct regular electrical safety inspections, so you can make sure you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Inspection?

There are many reasons why electrical inspections are needed and one of those is due to safety. Electrical problems, regardless of how small or large, can be dangerous and lead to a fire hazard. It’s always wise to conduct regular inspections, so you can make sure that your home is safe for all those who live there-and also any guests!


To ensure that your home is safe and meets electrical code standards, it’s important to get an inspection on a regular basis.

Our team will walk you through the process of getting one from start to finish, answer any questions you may have about why they are necessary, or how often you should be scheduling them for your property.

Contact us today if this sounds like something you want to learn more about!