When You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

When You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

In emergency scenarios, it’s advantageous to contact a reliable electrical contractor in Malaysia.

If you’re not sure when to call for help, just remember that there are three main reasons why it’s important: tripping hazards, electrical emergencies, and faulty wiring.

All three can lead to fire or injury, so if you think you might need an electrician contact one right away!

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Your Circuit Breaker May Trip on Occasion.

The breaker box in your house serves as the brain of your electrical system.

It collects power from the street and distributes it to your home’s electrical outlets. If the system is overloaded, it features a safety function that causes the circuits to trip.

Nowadays, almost all of us have access to different appliances. These appliances are often connected and plugged into our electrical system and contribute to the energy used by our home circuits.

Because of the massive energy consumption, it exceeds the limit set out by the breaker causing it to trip.

If you discover that your circuits are frequently tripping, check to see if you have too many devices plugged in. If the same circuit keeps tripping, that’s the one to look into.

Electrical Outlets Emitting a Burning Smell

A burning smell is nowhere near normal when it comes to electrical systems.

A burning smell is one of the hazards that indicate a potential disaster.

It’s a highly severe scenario if you notice a burning or smokey odor and can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

The first thing you should do is unplug all devices in your house. You might need to call an emergency electrician if the smell continues and it’s become a safety concern.

An Emergency Electrician can help identify what caused the burning smells and how they can fix them while making sure not to cause any additional damage in their process by doing further research into possible causes of such occurrences.

Your Electrical Outlets Get Warm to the Touch

Outlets aren’t heating sources. They should not harm and burn you in any way. If the outlet feels warm to the touch when you plug something in, don’t use it.

It is extremely dangerous if the wires attached to the outlet are hot.

It could potentially mean that there is a serious problem with your home wiring and electrical system, which can cause fires and even fatalities if left unattended for too long.

The first thing you should do is unplug all devices, so the damage isn’t worsened by something else being plugged into the outlet while in use.

This will also allow the outlet to cool down. Once this measure is done do not hesitate to call the electrician to further know what measures to do next.

Your Breaker Box Is Buzzing and Humming.

If you hear a buzzing noise emanating from within the walls, it’s most likely an electrical issue.

Do not underestimate this hazard since this could be caused by faulty wiring and several other electrical problems.

You should call an emergency electrician as soon as possible to handle the problem correctly before it becomes worse or leaves your house without power for extended periods.

Feeling Electric Shocks.

It might be a simple static electricity shock if you touch a socket in your home and get an electric shock. If you are shocked every time you use the outlet, you should contact a certified electrician.

There are various possibilities for what’s causing the problem, such as a faulty circuit in the equipment, a broken cable, or an unstable electrical current.

Electric shocks aren’t just issues that risk your electric system, it can also lead to numerous health risks.

This is why it is important to evaluate the cause of electric shocks and solve the problem with a professional.


Electricians know how to deal with all problems related to electrical safety. In the case of an emergency, it’s always a good idea to call for help.

Don’t worry about risking safety over expensive repairs! There are just things we cannot do by ourselves and that require professional help such as those provided by our electricians.

Electrical wiring emergencies can occur for a variety of reasons, including injury or fire, so if you believe your electrician needs to be repaired, call one right immediately!