Tools Every Electrician Needs

Tools Every Electrician Needs

People working within the electrical industry are essential to our community. Their work is vital in maintaining our access to electricity, and without their efforts, we would find ourselves living in a reality absent of electrical power.

These experts in the electrical field work hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong when it comes to electricity, but they also need the right tools for the job.

In this blog post, our electricians from Shah Alam shares with us on what tools are needed so they can do their job effectively!


As a professional electrician what you must never forget to bring with you is a multimeter.

This tool is used to measure the voltage, current (amperage), and resistance of an electric circuit or electrical system such as a battery.

Multimeters come in all shapes, types, and sizes, and among the main ones are digital, analog and digital-analog.

Without a multimeter, you won’t be able to measure the voltage and current of a circuit, check for continuity in an electrical system, or test batteries.

There are many reasons why you need one too: to troubleshoot circuits, to determine if there’s an open or closed circuit as well as checking electric motors for wear.

This is one of the must-haves for an electrician and if you want to be successful in your electrical endeavors, then you need to have the right tools for the job such as this little device.


As little as this tool may seem, you won’t be able to successfully conduct your job without screwdrivers. You’ll need a wide variety of sizes and among the main ones are digital, analog, and digital-analog screwdrivers.

A good electrician always has these in his toolbox because they’re essential for removing or installing screws on appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, dryers as well as microwaves.

Furthermore, screwdrivers are needed to open and close electronic devices like laptops, televisions, projectors, or radios.

With this in mind, you can really see how versatile and useful this tool is, so be sure to have a good supply of these.


Pliers are one of the main tools you can always see electricians carrying around. This tool looks like a pair of scissors and is used to hold or grip objects that are too big for fingers.

Pliers can be found in many different shapes, including needle nose pliers (for gripping small things), slip joint pliers (to cut wire), and long-nosed pliers.

There’s a slew of tools an electrician needs but no job would be a success without the help of these guys. When you plan to purchase some pliers, it’s good to know what they do before making a purchase.

Voltage Meter

A voltage meter is a tool that seems to look similar to a multimeter. However, there is a difference between the two devices. A voltage meter works by sending a current through wires and measuring the voltage of these wires.

This device is mainly used to troubleshoot equipment, find out if there is power going from one place to another, or find an open circuit in some wire.

A voltmeter may not provide you with all the information that other devices can, but it will still be able to help you when you need to find a short circuit or find out the voltage of power going to devices.

Tape Measure

Tape measures are considered to be an electrician’s best friend. This tool works by measuring the distance between two points, or by measuring an angle.

It may be a little difficult for you to imagine, but this device can help electricians with their work when it comes to making calculations and measurements.

In order to make sure that all of your cuts are accurate and there is no miscommunication in any specification then a tape measure will do its job by ensuring that everything is as it should be.


The tools you need to be an electrician are essential for maintaining and repairing electrical systems.

Without the right set of equipment, it could take much more time (and money) to complete your work.

As a professional electrician, there is no substitute for having high-quality gear on hand at all times, so don’t wait until something goes wrong before investing in these essentials.

We can help you find the best selection of essential tools for any job from top manufacturers. Let us know what tool you need so we can assist you!